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cheryl harrison


My work comes from a place of freedom. 

Over decades I have locked myself away in dimly lit studios – on both sides of the world, more often than not for way too long. Navigating around that one big, huge, mother of all obstacles… what’s it all about. Now, I am long past questioning why I paint – at times when I’m painting and the level of connection with my work is elevated it becomes all consuming and blocks the world out – I really like it there. It’s addictive.

I have travelled. I have seen and been. But realising and connecting with a source that continues to inspire and to raise questions, that’s the trick. The irony is that it has been staring me in the face my entire life, beyond the studio, wherever I go, wherever I’ve been, it shapes us all. The wind, the thunder storms, the colours on the ride. The natural against the fabricated, this is where my work comes from. It is inspired by and is a combination of the music that moves me, popular culture and life’s everyday events – a word, a triggered memory or the elements in a undiscovered street that catch my eye, to a wave crashing on a morning walk. I call these my lifescapes.

I translate the energy and mood of my experiences and studies onto canvas via mixed media, mostly acrylic. It is immediate and emotional, and that is why I live in the tropics of Northern Australia – my ‘maximum exposure for value’ strategy… it’s good to be free :-).

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