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Beach Shack

Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame.

‘Beach Shack’ is a beautiful textured abstract painting in soft and dramatic tones.

Inspired by my love of the coastal life, the ‘Beach Shack’ references the origins of that deep attachment to being by the water. The shack my father built when l was small with its 1 door, 2 windows and sand floor was our home for a long while and l’ll never forget falling asleep to the night ocean. We didn’t have a lot but in some ways we had it all.

It was fuelled by energy and emotion and I hope that comes across.

My work generally is inspired by and is a combination of music that moves my heart, popular culture and life’s everyday events – a word, a triggered memory or the elements in a undiscovered street that catch my eye, to a wave crashing on a morning walk. I call these my lifescapes.

This original painting in both warm and cool tones also has beautiful pops of colour to discover throughout its layered surface. It’s also a fab piece to get lost in or a great conversation starter and would be right at home in any cosy space that needs that artwork with punch.

It is signed on the front cheryl H., with full signature and titled on the back.
It comes in a white gloss framed and wired ready to hang on your wall.

*Free shipping worldwide.

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Dimensions 75 × 4 × 75 cm